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One of the fun parts of electronics design is that you get to play with some fantastic pieces of engineering, Test and Measuremnt equipment. The only problem? Someone has to pay for them. Usually a lot. And if you want to do any kind of credibly electronic design you will sooner or later get a quote for the gear that you must have that will leave you gasping for air.


There are, of course, a few solutions to this problem. You can get hobyist grade stuff that will sooner or later show its limits. You can also get some of the great gear that's coming out of China nowadays. You can pony up what Agilent, Tek or LeCroy are asking.


Or you can get top notch, big brand gear that have some years on the counter for a fraction of the price with specs that often match newer brothers and sister and probably exceed your requirements.


Old and heavy? Sure. But I expect most of them to survive brand new gear, especially the more exostic ones.

Hasselt Office


We have a constantly changing selection of top notch gear in our Hasselt office. We check the gear, fix what needs fixing, adjust what needs adjusting. We do not calibrate, but we make sure nothing obvious is off. The result is a machine that is reliable and produces good results.


For people living nearby: you are more than welcome to come and check it out, do some tests,... Other people will just have to... trust me!


Some examples:



Rohde & Schwarz CMU200


2.7 GHz SA + RF gen in one!


Perhaps not suitable anymore for 3G communications testing, but sporting a very capable RF gen and SA and thus more than suitable as a generic test device.


We have several of these units, so if you need a specific feature set: let us know!








950€, ex tax


Tektronix THS720P

Isolated 2Ch 100MHz scope, DMM and power analyzer. Portable.


Isolated O'scope, which greatly improves safety when probing mains voltages. The unit is compact enough to be carried around, greatly helped by the strap on the side of the unit. I made a fresh battery pack out of new NiMH batteries (see pictures) with roughly twice the capacity of the original NiCd batteries. This gives a few hours of autonomy. With the included stand at the back of the unit, it also serves as a capable general purpose scope on your desktop. In this case, I recommend taking the battery out for increased service life. Comes also with a new switching AC/DC brick which is more efficient and less heavy than the original.


This is the "P" version, this unit also analyzes W, VA, VAR, V, A, THD-F, THD-R, PF, DPF, PHI which makes it perfect for mains related measurements.


Includes bag, manuals, probes (2 x Tek P5102), accesoires, battery pack and power brick.


We have several of these untis.














675€, ex tax



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Agilent 54825A


4Channel, Color, 500MHz, 2GSa/S DSO


Intuïtive control, discrete controls for all channels. Not a lot of memory but lots of analog bandwidth. Great workhorse scope!



We have several of these untis.










750€, ex tax